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Christmas Single!

Secret Santa

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Secret Santa was Produced by Dan Ledwell at Echo Lake Studios, Halifax and features Alex Porter on Drums and Kyle Cunjak on Bass with Jenn Grant, Rose Cousins and Kinley Dowling singing backups. The graphic was drawn up by Jud Haynes, the prince.

The tune is about an office gift exchange and a hope to be on someone’s Christmas List. Recommended dosage is one or two listens per week over the holiday season. Merry Christmas!

The Sun In Your Eyes


1. The Right Idea
2. Annalee
3. Thick as Thieves
4. Honey For Bees
5. Isadora Duncan
6. Heart VS. Doubt
7. All That you Hate
8. Outta Your Mind
9. An Apology
10. The Calling

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Recorded and Produced by Louis McDonald with Sherman Downey and The Ambiguous Case and Mixed by John Critchley at Green Door Studios. (Honey For Bees, which was recorded by Robert Kelly, produced by Murray Foster and mixed by Ian Bodzasi.) Mastered by Ron Skinner. Photography by Patricia Haynes. Band photo by Mandy Keeping. Art direction and layout by Jud Haynes. 


Honey For Bees


1. Soul Sweeping
2. Mudjacket
3. Windowsill
4. Five Little Fingers
5. Blue
6. Falling Backwards
7. Indifferences Lay Waiting
8. Keep Your Head Up
9. Church Mouse
10. Easy to Break a Heart

Produced and Mixed by Louis McDonald at McDonald Brother's Studio. Mastered by George Graves at Lacquer Channel Mastering in Toronto, Ontario. All Songs Written by Sherman Downey (SOCAN). Cover painting by Grant Boland.